about the artist

I was inspired to learn the art of pyrography (woodburning) about 12 yrs ago after I met some artists who were burning intricate artwork onto wood mushrooms and various types of found wood. I got hold of a beginner's wood burning kit and began to explore this unique form of expression.

After honing my skills for a couple of years I began teaching some high school classes in pyrography through Foothills School for Applachian Arts here in SE Ohio. It was about this time that my interest in pyrography started to really escalate to the point to where I was focusing on pyrography as my primary medium and I began designing original work.

After creating several works for local organizations and businesses, people began asking me to make custom pieces. It occurred to me that pyrography might be more than just a hobby. So now I've made this site, Burning Embers, for the purpose of further propagating my art and the art of others pyrographers out there. Through the internet I think we have a great opportunity to spread the word about pyrography.

Please enjoy the site and join me by promoting your own woodburning art in our free collective gallery.

-Bryan Everson, Burning Embers Studio


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